5 best Universities in the USA.

Having an opportunity to attain university education is one thing most young people are aiming and waiting patiently for. It is more refreshing if one gets the chance to enroll in a precious University.

Aside the huge cost that comes with, it is always a an opportunity for one to rob shoulders with the rich and a fluent.

You stand to get a lot and some of them include the huge connections that comes with attending those Universities and the bragging rights that always put you ahead of the rest. We will look at the 5 best Universities in America.

Princeton University

It is a private institution which was founded way back in 1746. Situated on a 600 acres land with a suburban setting,

it is regarded as one of the best University in the United States.

As of 2021 fall, it had an undergraduate population of 5,321 and was ranked as the number1  best University in the 2022-2023 “edition of best Colleges in national universities”.

It has a tuition and fees amounting to  a whooping $57,410. Its location is at the  Princeton township in  New Jersey.

The University has seven residential  colleges and houses their first year and sophomores in one of them.

One of its attraction is their eating clubs as well as their ” historic ivy-covered campus”.

Princeton Tigers  who are members of the Ivy League are noted for their  popular men and women lacrosse teams.

5 best Universities in the USA.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Located in Boston in Cambridge, the Institute which was founded in 1861 is mainly into scientific and technology research.

Its undergraduate population stood at 4638 as of fall 2021 and its fees and tuition stands at $57,986.

With an acceptance rate of 4 % just like Princeton. The University which has an Urban setting sits on a 168 acres land.

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It has five schools  and a college and uses that of a 4-1-4 based academic calendar. At MIT, freshmen and women are required to live on their campus and truly almost 70% of their freshmen live on campus.

Some astute and distinguished alumni of MIT include  that of “Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan and former Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Ben Bernanke”.

Harvard University

5 best Universities in the USA.

It was placed third in the 2022-2023 “edition of Best Colleges in National Universities”.

It needs no introduction as it was founded in 1636. It is also a private institution like the one’s before it.

Sitting on a huge landscape, Harvard campus size is 5,076 acres. Its tuition and fees is $57,261 and it is an urban setting college.

It has as many as 12 graduate  and professional schools, as well as an undergraduate college.

It has also got the Harvard Radcliffe Institute.

Harvard is fame for its Business School and Medical Schools and is highly regarded for their graduate education too.

Its initial goal was to educate clergy, but has now grown beyond borders and bounds.

It boasts of having as  many as 8 American Presidents graduating from them.

These presidents include “Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy”.

Other huge alumni of Harvard are “Henry David Thoreau and Helen Keller”.

With an acceptance rate of 4%, it is also the school with the largest endowment in the whole wide world.

Stanford University

5 best Universities in the USA.

Also placed third along with Harvard is Stanford University.

It is also a private University and it was founded in 1885. Situated on an 8,180 acres, it is located in California and it is only 30 miles from San Francisco.

It has an undergraduate enrollment of 7,645 as of fall 2021 and has tuition and fees of $56,169.

It has seven schools with only four of them into undergraduate and graduate programs or course work.

The others are mostly into graduate studies. One unique thing at Stanford is that “Greek life at Stanford represents approximately 25% of the student body”.

With an acceptance rate of 4%, it also has notable and great alumni and some of them include “ex- U.S. President Herbert Hoover, Hall of Fame NFL quarterback John Elway, actress Sigourney Weaver and golfer Tiger Woods“.

Yale University

It is also a third place best University in America. Founded in 1701, it is located in New Haven in Connecticut.

It is situated on a small area occupying only 373 acres.

5 best Universities in the USA.

Its tuition and fees is $62,250 which is quite high.

It has an undergraduate enrolment of only 5,536 as of fall 2021.

Yale University has a College, Graduate school which is into Arts and Sciences as well as 13 professional schools.

Their alumni include “actress Meryl Streep, Washington Post investigative journalist and editor Bob Woodward, and actor Edward Norton”.

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