Angela Thorne Children: Meet Laurence Penry-Jones and Rupert Penry-Jones

Angela Thorne Children

Many have been asking about Angela Thorne children. We will give you more information about Laurence Penry-Jones and Rupert Penry-Jones.

Who was Angela Thorne?

Known for both her roles in both television series and general films, she rose to greater prominence for her Margaret Thatcher role in the movie Anyone for Denis?

She  will also be remembered for playing Marjory Frobisher in 1979 to 1981 movie :To the Manor Born.

She was the daughter of an Indian Army doctor by name William Herbert Alfred Thorne.

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Her mother was also a teacher. Angela Thorne mother’s name is Slyia who was formerly called Leslie.

Her first 5 early years was in India.

Who are Angela Thorne Children?

She was a proud mother and mother of two for that matter.

The names of her two children are Laurence Penry-Jones and Rupert Penry-Jones.

Laurence Penry-Jones went into acting before bowing out.

Lawrence Penry_Jones is now an actor turned ambulance driver.

Lawrence Penry-Jones is married to an actress by name Polly Walker.

Who is Rupert  Williams Penry-Jones?

Angela Thorne Children

He is a British actor who was born on 22 September,1970. He is also one of the sons of popular actress Angela Thorne.

Rupert Williams Penry-Jones is widely known for performances as Adam Carter in Spooks.

His other acts in the entertainment industry include when he acted as Clive reader in  Silk.

Rupert Williams also starred in the American horror series, the Stream.

Rupery Penry-Jones is also married to an Irish actress by name Dervla Kirwa. The pair got married in 2007.

The couple share two amazing children together.

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