GES Deans of discipline: What will be their duties and who qualify to apply?

The Ghana Education Service(GES) is appointing Deans of Discipline across Senior High Schools in Ghana.

In a letter dated 30th May,2023, the service asked Heads of Senior High schools to appoint Deans of Discipline for their schools.

The GES said it is concerned with the level of disciplinary issues across these institutions and hence its directive.

The  Dean of Discipline will be selected through election and the names of appointed Deans should reached the Headquarters on or before 9th June,2023.

The names should be sent through the email address:

GES Deans of discipline

What will be the duty of a Dean of Discipline?

The elected candidate will lead efforts in building and maintaining a strong, positive achievement oriented school culture.

The Dean of discipline is expected to manage behavior program for the school and models how to establish strong mutual relationships with students and family.

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The person is expected to be visible in all areas of the school and should be someone who is responsible for the well being of the students during their days in the school.

Who qualifies to be appointed as Dean of Discipline

Candidates who qualify to be appointed as Deans of discipline should meet the following criteria as directed by the service.

He/she should preferably be a master’s degree holder and a teacher who has been licensed to teach.

The candidate should have been in the school between three to five years and must have experience in behavior management or any other relevant experience.

In addition to the above, the candidate should posses special knowledge or skills.

These special knowledge or skills include being relentless in preparing each student for University or the world of work.

GES Deans of discipline

He/she should be someone who posses an uncommon leadership  and team skills.

One other requirements are that the desired candidate should be someone who is a model of dependability and punctuality.

Other requirements of the Dean of Discipline can be seen in the letter which the service issued which is attached below.

Click the link to download the circular on the appointment of Deans of Discipline.

Appointment of Dean of Discipline






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