Godpapa the Greatest and Express Lupita arrested following confessions on TV. Famous mad TikTok couple now behind bars.

Godpapa the Greatest and Express Lupita arrested

The famous mad Ghanaian TiKTok couple Godpapa The Greatest and Empress Lupita were taken into custody by the the Tema Community Police.

Their arrest follows their confession with YouTuber Kofi TV.

In that interview the couple admitted killing their son whom they said was full of evil spirit and was a danger to the nation at large.

The woman named as “Empress Lupita” who also doubled as the  the child’s mother said “her husband foresaw a future where their son, named El Shaa, would become a demonic entity capable of spawning further demons and potentially causing harm to Ghana and the world. In order to protect the nation, they believed it was necessary to sacrifice him”.

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Godpapa the Greatest and Express Lupita arrested

Kofi TV also interviewed one of the couple’s  two sons who escaped from home. The child admitted that his parents actually killed his brother. He said his parents poisoned the innocent boy through gari soakings.

The boy further revealed that the boy(his brother)  did not died fast as the couple expected and hence the couple buried him a live.
The couple came to limelight  following a semi-nude video in which the pair were seen dancing and smoking on TikTok.

The man known famously as Godpapa the Greatest is said to be a pastor who has now abandoned  the ministry.

We are expecting more revelations following their arrest.

Watch their interview on Kofi TV.


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