Help to Identify his parents. He fell from a plane and died. But no body has come to look for him 2 yrs on.

He fell out of a plane and died

This teenager whose picture has been shown above has died after falling from a plane. Yes, he fell from a plane onto a train tracks and was crushed by the train.

Police are still trying to figure out the mystery behind his death. He is believed to be between 15 to 18 years.

His body was said to have been found  in Richmond upon Thames rail tracks.

This happened in 14 December,2020. The unknown boy fell from a flight from a plane from Heathrow.


The BTP released this facial depiction of the teenager who was found on the train tracks

The mystery is that the body of the teenager has still not being identified over two years ago.

He was said to have been found between Mortlake and North Sheen Stations.

He suffered what was described as major injuries and those injuries was to his neck,head,chest and even torso.

These injuries are said to be common with “contact with a moving train and a fall from height such as an overflying aircraft”.

The mysteries are two fold. One is the inability of the police to identify him and other mystery is the inability of the police to identify his family too.

It was the view of the investigators that the boy might have started his journey from Nigeria to Heathrow and there was actually a plane from Nigeria that came to Heathrow six hours before the boy’s body was found.

“Sadly, the contact has not been made for me to share what i know about this young man.”

“He took steps to access this aircraft in a short period of time and lost his life during his endeavours to reach the UK.”

“Whatever he was trying to achieve went disastrously wrong and ended with the loss of his life rather than any other opportunities.”

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