Louisville bank shooting victims: Meet Tommy Elliott, Jim Tutt, Joshua Barrick

The Louisville bank shooting victims will be discussed. It has been discovered that the shooter was told he will be fired from his job.

This came to light after a note he left for his parents and a friend was discovered. It is for this reason that his victims were senior level managers of the bank.

Who are the Louisville bank shooting victims?

The victims are 4 and are made up of three males and one female.

The one female among them is Juliana Farmer.

Juliana Farmer was a commercial banking specialist.

She was a 45 year old woman. Madam Juliana Farmer was a commercial loan specialist of the Old National Bank.

She met her untimely death because she reported to work on this fateful day.

Who was Tommy Elliott?

Tommy Elliot

He was a victim of the brutal attack.

He was a 63 year old man. Tommy Elliott was a Senior Vice President of the bank.

He is also a friend to Governor Andy Beshear.

He reportedly told the media that:“Tommy Elliot helped me build my law career, helped me become governor, gave me advice on how to be a good dad,” Beshear said. “These are irreplaceable, amazing individuals that a terrible act of violence tore from all of us.”

Meet Jim Tutt, another victim.

Jim Tutt was a market exec at the bank.

Jim was a 64 year old man. He was the oldest among the four victims.

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Who was Connor Sturgeon? The Louisville Bank shooter

He was market executive of the bank.

Joshua Barrick

Joshua Barrick was a senior vice president at the bank.

He was the youngest among the four victims. He was a 40 year old man.

Barrick  was a senior Vice President of the bank.

Eight others were injured in the attack. They include Officer Nicholas  Wilt. He is a 26 year old new recruit. He was recruited just a month ago. He was shot in the head and still remain in a critical condition.

Two others are also in critical condition too.

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