Meet Adam Price:The married headmaster who was caught on CCTV having an affair in his office with a colleague.

Adam Price

Adam Price will be discussed in this post. We will look at his sexual exploits which occurred at his place of work and has landed him in trouble.

Who is Adam Price?

He was  headmaster of a school. He was the headmaster of  Northern House School Academy Trust  which is in Wolverhampton.

Adam Price is a 40 year old man. He is a married man who turned his school office into his bedroom annex.

The 40 old headmaster on this particular day was engaged in a sexual escapees with a female colleague in his office.

Strangely enough, the sex escapee lasted for approximately 4hours.

The ex-headmaster admitted during a panel hearing that of his demeanor that he stripped off and had an affair with this female colleague.

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Who was the female colleague that Adam Price had this 4 hour sex scandal  with?

What started as a secret affair between the two became public following that CCTV footage.

The female colleague who was having this affair with Adam Price was identified as Person B.

The name came out during a disciplinary panel.

Adam Price

Is Adam Price still headmaster of the school?

He was suspended and he resigned thereafter. He was lucky to have escaped a teaching ban and is said to be free to continue his new job as a senior education consultant.

He had pleaded for his identity to be concealed, but that request was rejected.

Adam Price


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