Meet Cameron Brand: the lone shooter in the Mississippi house party shootings that killed 2 teens and injured 4.

Cameron Brand

We will look at Cameron Brand, the lone shooter in the Mississippi house party shootings.

Who is Cameron Brand?

He is a 19 year old guy. He is believed to be the lone shooter in the Mississippi house party shootings.

Brand is said to be from  Pass Christian.He was first set to a bond of $3,000.

But the judge later ordered for Brand to be held without a bond.

The motive of Cameron Brand in the bloodshed is not currently clear.

He is now charged on the charge of murder and assault.

His charges were later upgraded to that of homicide and “aggravated assault”.

What is the Mississippi house party shooting?

The Mississippi house party shooting  is said to be a shooting which rocked a raucous house party in Mississippi.

This shooting took place on the earlier part of Sunday.

Who are Cameron Brand victims in the Mississippi house party shooting?

Two people were killed in what many have come to referred as the Mississippi bloodshed.

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The two who were killed  were teenagers and were age 16 and 18 years respectively.

These two teenagers were injured in the melee of the shooting that occurred. They  were taken to the University Medical Center which is in New Orleans, but later succumbed to their injuries.
One of the injured was said to be seriously injured and is in critical condition.

Four of the victims were students of Hancock High School. Tow other victims were also students of Bay High school.


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