Meet Cameron Robbins?The Louisiana Teen who jumped from a cruise ship into shark infested water, feared to gave been eaten alive by the predators.

Cameron Robbins

Cameron Robbins have been missing after jumping off the Cruise ship in the Bahams. It is believed that the teen might have been eaten live by wild sharks.

But who is Cameron Robbins?

He is an 18 year old teenager from Louisiana. He is a high school graduate.

He is from Baton Rouge of Louisiana and was said to be a baseball star.

The high school graduate went missing only three days after graduating from high school.

He travel to the Bahamas and was in a cruise ship.

The 18 year old jumped out of the ship into what has been described as Dark waters.

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Locals of the area say the teen might have turned into a meal for the dangerous predators.

The Royal Bahamas Defense Force (RBDF) Commodore in  the person of  Raymond King told  the Daily Mail
that the water is a shark infested one.

Video released confirms fears that Cameron Robbins might have been eaten by sharks.

A video has since been released in which the teen jumped into the water after ignoring onlookers’ pleas for him to grab a buoy and swimming in the opposite direction.

One twitter user who watched the video said:“Haunting, but you can see the exact moment the shark gets him.”

Cameron Robbins with friend Virginia Moore.

The Twitter user added that :“Tragic & scary in every way.

One other social media user who watched the video said:“He initially goes for the buoy but then turns around when he sees the shark, ultimately disappearing into the water, likely dragged down. Very sad.”

Cameron Robbins in the video.

The teenager seen swimming away from the buoy thrown for him to climb to safety with many saying he might have seen a shark coming in that direction.

The crew of the ship had to remain at the that spot for hours searching for the teen.

The search for the teenager has since been called off.

He was reportedly staying at ” Atlantis Paradise Island with a group of fellow seniors from other area high schools”.

Cameron Robbins at his graudation.


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