Meet Daniel Penny the Marine who choked homeless Jordan Neely to his death.

Daniel Penny

We will look at Daniel Penny, the Us Marine who choked the homeless man leading to his death.

Who is Daniel Penny?

He is a 24 year old marine Corp and a surf enthusiast. Aside his marine work, he had also worked at a surf shop by name sweetwater.

He is from West Islip and is yet to be criminally charged for that fatal choke.

Penny record at the Marine showed that he was an infantry Squad leader.

His online resumed further revealed that he was a water survivor instructor. He served in that capacity between 2017 through to 2021.

He has been deployed twice  and is still on active post, according to the New York post,

Daniel Penny was identified as the Marine who put Neely in a chokehold.
Daniel Penny

Who was Jordan Neely? Daniel Penny victim.

The city medical examiner ruled Wednesday that Neely’s death was a homicide by compression of the neck.

Neely who is pictured above was a 30 year old homeless man. Jordan Neely suffered mental illness which has affected him.

He was therefore acting erratically at the subway before Penny and his colleagues arrived.

He was said to be throwing garbage and asking passengers for food.

This action of Jordan Neely forced Penny to restraining him and  that was how that fatal choke came.

The choke which Penny subjected him to, made Jordan Neely unconscious. He died later.

The medical officer who examined Neely  said his death is that of a homicide.

The medical officer further added that Neely died from “compression of neck (chokehold).”

Daniel Penny victim: A subway passenger choked homeless man Jordan Neely to death on the F train in Manhattan on May 1, 2023.
Daniel Penny choking Jordan Neely

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Daniel Penny Neely suffered from extensive mental health issues, according to his family members.

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