Meet Derek Martin: The suspect who killed Josh Bashford and wife Chloe

Derek Martin

Derek Martin  will be discussed in this post. We will tell you how this frail looking fellow was able to kill energetic Josh Bashford and wife Chloe.

Who is Derek Martin ?

He is a 64 year old man. He was arrested when police officers rushed to the scene where he was accused of killing a man and his wife.

He appeared in Lewes Crown court today.

Derek Martin  or Martin Glenn was escorted out of the police van  in handcuff.

He was seen wearing ” a grey T-shirt and joggers”.

The only words the 64 year old spoke in court was to confirm his name.

What is the mental state of Derek Martin ?

His mental state which might driven him to commit these murders will be assessed by the court.

How did  Derek Martin  killed Josh Bashford and wife Chloe?

Derek Martin

Many are still wondering how a frail looking man like Martin Glenn managed to kill the couple.

However that information is not available as a post-mortem is due to be carried out this week.

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Who were Josh Bashford and wife Chloe?The Newhaven couple of 4 children who were found dead at their property.

He was confronted by family members of the two deceased victims as he was taken out of the dock by officers.

The judge,her Honour Judge Christine Laing KC said: “I appreciated tensions are likely to be running very high but the court process has to take place.”

The Sussex Police had reported of having said  Martin, of Brighton, was known to the couple.

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