Meet Francisco Oropeza: The Mexican migrant who slaughtered 5 in Texas for asking him to stop firing because a child wants to sleep.

Francisco Oropeza

Francisco Oropeza  killed 5 people in Texas because they asked him to stop firing his rifle.

We will tell more about events leading to this needless murder.

Who is Francisco Oropeza?

As  pictured above, he is a 39 year old man. Oropeza is a migrant  who is from Mexico.

He shot people as if he was on a shooting spree in a horror film.

Oropeza allegedly shot 5 Texan people dead. All of the 5 Oropeza victims were migrants just like himself.

Francisco was drunk at the time and felt he should play around with his rifle by shooting.

He was however provoked by a plea for him stop firing because a child wants to sleep.

The 39 year old is  said to have been infuriated  and incensed by this and fired his rifle at his victims

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This evil killings took place at the Texan town of  Cleveland.

This spot is 45 miles outside of Houston.

He was later arrested after he fled the scene after the murder.Police were able to retrieve the murder weapon along with “another rifle, shotgun, and pistol”.

Who these 5 Francisco Oropeza victims that included a child.

Francisco Oropeza

The ages of Oropeza victims are  said from  8 to 40 years. The 8 year old might be the child who was trying to sleep.

There were as many as ten people in the home when he stormed there with his rifle.

One neighbor said Oropeza was “guzzling booze” at the time  and was shooting at his backyard.

This neighbor added that: “These people stepped out to ask him to quiet down, and he took offense to that and walked into their house and basically executed them.”

The suspect shot his victims with an AR-15-style .223 caliber rifle.

“One of his 5 victims was found by the doorway to the living room while another was found in the living room.

Two more victims who were women were found dead in the upstairs.

These brave women shielded their young children who are said to have survived”

according to archornews.


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