Meet Ian Coates: The 3rd victim of the Nottingham rampage

Ian Coates

We will look at Lan Coates, the third victim of the Nottingham rampage. We will look at his personal life and the circumstance under which he met his untimely death.

Who was Lan Coates?

 Ian Coates

He  was a man in his 50s. Lan Coates was a school caretaker. He has been described as someone who is much loved.

He was a school manager at L.E.A.D. Academy Trust and Huntington Academy in Nottingham.

He was the one who was driving the van which the suspect took from after killing him.

Lan Coates reportedly bought the van a couple of weeks ago after it was listed on Ebay.

The suspect who killed him is said to be a native from West Africa in African.

He met his untimely death on the Magdala Road.The suspect took the van from him and used Lan Coates

white Vauxhall Vivaro to hit many people in Milton Street.

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The schools where Ian Coates worked paid tribute to him.

Ross Middleton, Executive head of Huntingdon and Warren Academy, said: “Ian was a much-loved colleague who always went the extra mile for the benefit of our children and will be greatly missed.

“As a school community, it will take time to process this deeply upsetting news. We wish to extend our sympathy and condolences to all those affected by yesterday’s tragic events.”

 Ian Coates

Who are the other victims who were killed along with Lan Coates?

Who was Grace Kumar? One of the Nottingham victim who was knifed to death.

The other two victims who were killed along with Ian Coates are Grace Kumar and Barnaby Webber.

They were both students of Nottingham University.

Barnaby Webber was in the cricket team while that of of Grace Kumar was in the hockey Team.

Grace Kumar was said to be a fast rising hockey player in the England team.

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