Meet Mads Lewis children,siblings and parents

Mads Lewis

We will look at Mads Lewis family including children, siblings and parents.

Who is Mads Lewis?

She is a American famous TikToK star, actress and social influencer.

The popular figure who was born on 24th December,2002 as Madison Lewis.

Mads Lewis became a sensation due to the nature of her TikTok video she makes on her page.

Mads Lewis also starred in the series “Chicken Girls”.

Her acting career began in 2017 when she made had her debut as Lady Maybelline in “Alexander IRL.” .

The  television series “Chicken Girls” which starred as Birdie in 59 episodes of the show which was telecast-ed between  2017 to 2020.

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The 20 year old reprised her role in the 2018 film, “Chicken Girls: The Movie.”

Lewis joined the TikTok collective “Just A House.” in 2021.

Mads Lewis height and marital status

The 20 year old stands at 5 feet and 6 inches tall and is currently single.

Mads Lewis children.

She dated many people in the past. She first dated Jaden Hossler. She equally was in a relationship with Charles Gitnick  which was from 2018 to 2019.

Mads Lewis was reported to have dated Christian Plourde, but the pair broke up in February 2022.

She did not share any children with the many boyfriend she had.

Mads Lewis Net worth.

She is said to be worth $2million.

Mads Lewis parents.

The popular TikTok star’s mother is Tiffany Lewis . Mads Lewis mother  is a fashion designer.

Her father who is a construction worker goes by by the name Steve Lewis.

Mads Lewis siblings: Is Mads Lewis a triplet?

Mads Lewis' Siblings: Did You Know the Influencer Is a Triplet?

Yes, Mads Lewis is a triplet. Her other 2 co-triplets are Dakota and Riley Lewis.

Steve and Tiffany are the proud parents of Mads, Dakota “Kota,” and Riley Lewis, the triplets.


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