Meet Matthew Kennedy:The Irish tourist who is in coma in Thailand after sustaining injuries from a motorbike crash.

Matthew Kennedy

Matthew Kennedy is an Irish Tourist who is in coma in far away Thailand.

The young man is in coma after he was involved in a motorbike crash in Thailand.

He is said to have sustained serious injuries.

How did Matthew Kennedy motorbike crash happen?

The young Irish was said to be traveling in the Asia country at the time of the accident.

Kennedy was there in the company of his friends when he met this unexpected crash that is now threatening his life.

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GoFundMe page has been created for Matthew Kannedy.

Now a GoFundMe page has been created for him. This is to help raise money for his medical expenses in this foreign land.

You can support his family by clicking on the link below GoFundMe.

A message which accompanied the appeal for funds for the young man reads:

“A short while ago as Matthew and a group of his friends were travelling around Asia, Mathew unfortunately got into a serious motorbike crash that has led him to be in a coma along with other severe injuries,” the post says.

“As it is a tough time for his family, We are raising money to support both him and his family over this long and hard journey ahead along with all the treatments and expenses along the way.”

It further added that: “Absolutely anything will go a long way for his family. Thank you.”

A total of €30,217 has been raised so far. This far exceeded the  €2,500 targeted amount.

This amount was raised from online donors.

We wish him a speedy recovery.

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