Meet the suspect who killed Josh Bashford and wife Chloe In Newhaven?Derek Martin

suspect who killed Josh Bashford and wife Chloe In Newhaven

We will look at the suspect who killed Josh Bashford and wife Chloe. We will look at Derek Martin, the suspect at the center of this unfortunate murder.

Who is Derek Martin? The suspect who allegedly murdered the Newhaven couple.

The suspect is a 64 year old man. He was arrested after emergency service providers rushed to the scene of the bizarre murder.

Derek Martin also known popularly as Derek Glenn is from Brighton.

The 64 year old has been remanded into custody.

Who were Josh Bashford and wife Chloe?

Josh Bashford  was a 33 year old man. He was the husband to his loving wife Chloe.

Chloe was a 30 year old woman and wife to her husband Josh Bashford.

They were tragically found dead at a property in Lewis road in Newhaven which is in East Sussex.

This happened 7pm on Friday.

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 Josh Bashford and wife Chloe
Police officers are still investigating the cause of death of the popular couple.

Emergency service providers had to rushed to the home  of the couple  which is inside Newhaven Cemetery.

A suspect has been  arrested  on the death of the couple.

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