Meet Tina Turner’s two adopted children who may inherit her?

We will focus on Tina Turners two adopted children who may be inherit her. We will tell you why her adopted children will be inheriting her and not her biological children.

Tina Turner’s biological children?

Tina is known to have married twice, first to Ike Turner with whom she had one child and finally Erwin Bach.

Her first child was with famous personality Raymond Hill. The name of that child was Raymond Craig.

When she got married to Ike Turner,Ike adopted him and his name was changed to Craig Turner.

He died in 2018 in what was said to be that of suicide.

Tina Turners second son was with her first husband Ike Turner. His name is Ronald “Ronnie” Renelle Turner.

He lived long and died in 2022. He got married and was into music. Ronnie as he was famously known used to play brass guitar in a band. He also played in his parents band too.

He was married to a French singer by name Afida Turner.

Who are Tina Turner adopted children?

Having had to bury her two children was not an easy thing for the famous singer. She had adopted children too.

These are children she helped in raising them.

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Meet Tina Turner two children:Raymond Craig and Ronald “Ronnie” Renelle Turner

These children are children she adopted due to her marriage with famous character Ike Turner who was her first husband.

The names of Tina Turner’s two adopted children are Ike Turner Jr.  and Michael Turner.

Ike Turner Jr was born in  1958 while Michael Turner was born in  1960.

The two boys mother is one Lorraine Taylor. Though Tina Turner’s relationship with these two boys became strained after her divorce from their father, they are ones that she can called children.

It is not clear how her will is, but it may have a space for these two boys who survived her.

This is a lesson to all parents  that, we  treat all children under our care right. You may never know the one who may support and care for you in the future. It may not be your own biological children who may be standing for you in your time of need.

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