The Nottingham horrific killings: Who is the 31yr old, who was arrested.

The Nottingham horrific killings: Who is the 31yr old, who was arrested.

We will look at the Nottingham horrific killings. We will answer that question of who is the 31 yr old who was arrested?

Three people have been killed this morning as gunshots were fired in Nottingham.

Witnesses reports that they heard gunshots in the mist of the horrific rampage.

Police have now confirmed a man has been arrested after three people were found dead

 Who is the 31yr old who was arrested for the horrific attack on Nottingham this morning?

Police had earlier confirmed that they have arrested a man in connection with the Nottingham.
The law enforcement officers say they arrested three people in connection to the attack.
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A later confirmation from Police say a 31 year old man has been arrested.
He was arrested on suspicion of murder. The man was not named as he was said to have used the van to run on three people who are currently at the hospital.
A GB news report said: “We woke up this morning at about 5:30am to what sounded like gunshots – we ran to the window and there was armed police coming out of an undercover car.

“The suspect was tasered and dragged out by them and then arrested.”

Others gave report about this man on  Channel 4 News: “The man in the driver’s seat looked in his mirror and saw the police car behind him.

“The white van then quickened up to the corner of the street and went into two people. He went straight into them and didn’t even bother to turn.

“A lady ended up on the kerb and then he backed up and sped up Parliament Street with the police cars following him.

“A man was hurt badly. They did get him to his feet with a whopping great head wound but amazingly enough he got up. The woman was sitting up on the kerb. To me she looked okay.”

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