Was actor George Armstrong married?

actor george armstrong wife

We will answer the question: Was actor George Armstrong married?

Who was George Armstrong?

The actor was born on 7 September,1962. He was a British actor.

His acting began with Just William where he starred as Hubert Lane. His other well known role  is Alan Humpheries in BBCs Grange Hill.

He starred in this role between 1978 to 1982. He also played the role in Tucker’s Luck.

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His last role which he played was in 1989 where he starred as PC Driscoll in The Bill.

What did actor George Amrstrong  do after acting?

He went in to technical theatre management after acting. He did this in a public school.

Was Actor George Armstrong married?

There is no information about actor George Armstrong marital status. Little is known of his relationship life.

Who are actor George Armstrong children?

There is no information about his children. Since he was not married, not much is known of him having children of his own or adopting children.

Was actor George Armstrong a gay?

We cannot tell if he was a gay. There is little about his dating life.

Actor George Armstrong death.

He died in London on 11th July,2023. He died from leukemia.

He was 60 years.


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