Watch: Thief runs for his life after making a terrible mistake at a Robbery scene.

What was meant to be a robbery went miserable wrong for this fella. He had gone to this shop to rob them, it was a total disaster. He had his timing right as the only one in the shop was a woman. He then walked confidently to her as if he wanted to but something.

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Then out of the blue he went in for his gun and this got the woman frightened.

But the unfortunate thing is that, in the course of removing the gun, it fell across the counter that separates the customers from the sales person.

This thief then tried reaching out for the gun by jumping over the counter, but his loose jeans won’t let him.

The woman who was frightened then tried picking the gun possibly to give it back to him, but the thief though, she was going to shot him.

He had to run and hit the door and his loosed jeans trousers nearly toppled him, but he managed to escape.

Watch this funny video below.

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