Who are Clark Haggans 2 children?Damon Haggans and Alianna Marie Haggans

Who are Clark Haggans 2 children?Damon and Alianna,

American Football fans are mourning one of their former greats. Clark Haggans has died. But the question many have been asking is about the family he left behind. Who are Clark Haggans 2 children that he left behind?

We will look at this into detail, giving more information on each child of the late ex-linebacker.

Who are Clark Haggans 2 children?Damon and Alianna,

Who was Clark Haggans?

He was a former player of the Pittsburgh Steelers and was even of the team that won the Super Bowl XL in 2005.

He was born in 1977 and sadly died on 18th June,2023.

His death was announced by a Pittsburgh sport radio host by name Collin Dunlap.

Who are Clark Haggans 2 children?

He was a family man and father of two for that matter. Though there is no detail of him getting married, he was the father of his two children Damon and Alianna.

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Clark Haggans wife. Was he married?

His daughter Alianna  Marie Haggan was said to have been born prematurely. This premature birth made her go through difficulties like any other  child who is born prematurely.

She is said to be a child who is radiating with happiness despite her early struggle with life.

Who are Clark Haggans 2 children?Damon and Alianna,
Clark Haggans son: Damon Haggans

His son is Damon Haggans had his education at Chatfield School and finally joined Colorado University as far back as in 2019.

Damon Haggans pursued a degree in psychology at the University before later changing his course to Economics after transferring to the Santa Clara University.

Aside schooling, Damon Haggans  has experience of work as an intern and on jobs too.

He did internship in music and video production and also worked as a line cook as well as cashier at a firm called Rusty Taco.

He did this for two good years. Damon Haggans is also a freelancer in media  management and he did this at  Digital Ocean.



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