Who are Jacklyn Zeman children? Gorden: Cassidy Zee Gorden and Lacey Rose Gorden

Jacklyn Zeman children

The General Hospital star Jacklyn Zeman children will be discussed. We will tell you which of her three ex-husbands she shared those children with.

Who was Jacklyn Zeman?

Jacklyn Zeman children

She was born on 6th March,1953. The famous actress is an American and is famous for her role in the popular ABC “daytime soap opera General Hospital“.

The late actress starred in that soap opera as Bobbie Spencer. Jacklyn  Zeman who was born in Englewood in New Jersey comes from a family with Jewish origin.

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Her high school education was at the Bergennfield High School. She then continue on a scholarship to study dance at the popular New York University.

Who are Jacklyn Zeman children?

Jacklyn Zeman children

The popular actress was married thrice. She  had only two children in those marriages.

Her first two marriages lasted less than three years. Her third marriage which produced her two children lasted only 9 years.

Jacklyn Zeman children are Cassidy Zee Gorden  and Lacey Rose Gorden. Her first born, Cassidy Zee Gorden was on 16th September,1990.

Her second child Lacey Rose Gorden was also born on  15th July,1992.

Who was Jacklyn third husband whom she shared her children with?

Jacklyn Zeman children was with her third husband.

Having had two short marriages in the past, Zeman settled with her third husband and hoped things to work better than her previous marriages.

Her marriage to her third husband Glenn Gorden was on 14th February,1988.

The marriage lasted 9 years starting in 1988 and ending in 2007.

We do not have information as why she divorced all three husbands.

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