Who are Judy Farrell 2 children?

Judy Farrell 2 children

Judy Farrell 2 children will be discussed in this post. We will also look at the father of these two children.

Who are Judy Farrell 2 children?

We will answer this question shortly, but first let us look at their mother, Judy Farrell.

Who was Judy Farrell?

Judy Farrell was an  American actress. She was born as Judy Hayden and later changed her name to Judy Farrell.

These was after her marriage to her first husband, Mike Farrell.

She shot to fame with her role in the popular Comedy series called M*A*S*H.

She appeared in that movie along with her then husband, Farrell.

She shared two amazing children with her first husband.

Meet Michael Farrell and Erin Farrell: Judy Farrell 2 children.

Judy Farrell 2 children

The two are the children that Judy Farrell shared with her first husband. Michael was named after his father whose full name is Michael Joseph Farrell Jr. His father too was named after his own father, who is Michael Farrell grandfather.

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Judy Farrel 2 children also include Erin Farrell. Erin father who appeared in the M*A*S*H movie was a married man with his wife by name Peg. They had a daughter which was called Erin. This is the same name as Mike and Judy Farrel real daughter name.

Michael Farrell and Erin Farrell survived their mother, who died at 84. Their father, however is alive and is also 84. This sounds strange, but is true. It means their parents were born in the same year of 1939.


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