Who are The Tyrone Crash victims? Dan McKane and Christine Duffy and Julia McSorley

Tyrone crash victims

We will look at the crash victims at that unfortunate accident that occurred at A5 road near Aughnacloy.

Who are the Tyrone Crash victims?

Three people perished in that accident that took the lives of three people. The accident occurred at RTC Near Aughnacloy.

The most sad part of it is that the three victims are members of the same community.

The Tyrone crash victims are Dan McKane and Christian Duffy. These two are a brother and a sister.

The two died along with their aunt Julia McSorley.

The three are all from the Strabane area.

There were others who sustained injuries. Four members of the family also were also taken to hospital.

They were all victims of the accident that involved a Minivan and a lorry.

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The family members were said to be returning from a funeral.

Tributes paid to the Tyrone crash victims.

Tributes have been pouring in for the victims of the crash that occurred on the A5 Tullyvar Road near Aughnacloy.

Fr Declan Boland, who is the Parish Priest of Strabane spoke about how the community has been saddened by their demise.

Father Declan Boland said: “The community here is deeply saddened and profoundly shocked by what has happened.

“Everyone is just in stark disbelief that this family has been taken so tragically at this time so unexpectedly”.

He also spoke about how the family has been struggling with the news of their passing.


He added that: “They cannot come to terms with it, they are meeting in small groups to help each other and people are arriving constantly.

“There’s lots of hugs, lots of tears, lots of disbelief but there is an overall sense of incredible sadness and loss.

“As the news has emerged the community has been greatly supporting the family and will continue to do so in the days ahead.”

A vigil has been organized for Dan McKane and Christine Duffy and Julia McSorley, the Tyrone Crash victims.

Who are The Tyrone Crash victims? Dan McKane and Christine Duffy and Julia McSorley

A vigil has been planned for them this evening. The vigil will be held closed to their family home at Strabane.

There is a social media post conveying information about the vigil. It reads:

“Fountain Street Community Development Association in conjunction with our local Parish Priest Fr Declan Boland will be hosting a solidarity Rosary at the Grotto in Townsend Street, Strabane tomorrow night (Friday) at 7pm and are extending a warm word of welcome to everyone to come along and show their solidarity and condolences to the families bereaved and injured in the tragic traffic accident which occurred at Aughnacloy early this morning.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the families involved here in Strabane, in Newtownstewart and Legfordrum. These families are well known and highly respected within their communities

“We extend best wishes for a speedy recovery to those currently in hospital in Belfast and Craigavon and urge you all to please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.”

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