Who are Tyler and Krista Schindley? The Georgian parents who were arrested after starving their 10yr old son from food and sunlight

Tyler and Krista Schindley

Tyler and Krista Schindley will be discussed in this post. We will tell you how the couple starved their son from food and sunlight.

Who are Tyler and Krista Schindley?

Tyler and Krista Schindley
Tyler and Krista Schindley

They are Georgian couple. The couple starved their son who is 10 years from food as well as sunlight.

The pair have now being arrested for their wicked behavior.

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This came to light when the boy escaped from home and went on a begging spree from their neighbors.

The boy is said to have been intentionally starved and he weight 36 pounds, which is the actual weight for a 4 year old.

Police arrested the two after a neighbor reported them to the law enforcement officers.

The boy pleaded with the police officers not to send him back home.

Police said:

“This child was, simply put, being starved to death, and it is tragic,” Griffin District Attorney Marie Broder said during a press conference Tuesday.

“I truly believe that if he had not gotten out of that home, this would be a very different case.”

How did Tyler and Krista Schindley do this?

Tyler and Krista Schindley

The couple allegedly locked the boy inside  his bedroom.

They are reported to have left him there for an extended period. He was left with  “no access to lights, food, clothing or adult interaction and/or assistance.”

Court documents also showed that they “allegedly withheld hot water, views of the outside, toilet paper, and human interaction from the 10-year-old, and even beat him at one point, causing further injuries”.

The boy was swiftly taken to hospital, where he is to undergo treatment for malnutrition as well as low heart rate.


Tyler and Krista Schindley
Tyler and Krista Schindley home where the boy was locked

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