Who is Christopher Snow? The Georgian man who killed his wife after celebrating their first marriage anniversary together.

Christopher snow

Christopher Snow will be discussed in this post. We will tell you how he was arrested after fleeing from the murder of his wife.

Who is Christopher Snow?

Christopher Snow and wife

He is a man from Georgia. He is a 31 year old, who was married to a woman, who is a year older than him.

Snow and his wife shared a child together. He had celebrated their marriage anniversary with his wife at a comedy club.

However after that lovingly celebration, the couple had a serious fight when they return home.

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It was during this fight that Christopher Snow beat up and even stabbed his wife.

He then told his aunt that he and his wife had a big fight and that he could not trace his wife.

This information alerted the police to visit their apartment where they discovered that Christopher Snow wife was slain.

The suspect then decided to run away, but fortunately was involved in an accident.

His accident occurred at I-85 which is outside of Atlanta.

Who was Christopher Snow wife?

Snow wife’s name is Casey Allen. She was a mother of four. Her fourth child was with Snow while her other three children who are aged three, seven and Nine were with her ex-husband.

Her family are still shocked over her death. They are yet to understand how he husband decided to spend quality time with her and later killed her.

She is due to be buried on Saturday and her family has raised over $7000.00 in a fundraiser towards her funeral.’

Her husband is being charged over her murder.

Christopher Snow wife:Casey Allen.


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