Who is Damion Comager? The father of the 3-month-old girl who was found dead in a trash-strewn wooded area

Damion Comager

Damion Comager will be discussed in this post. We will tell you how he threw his dead child  in a trash strewn wooded area in Bronx.

Who is Damion Comager?

David Comager with his daughter, three-month-old Genevieve.

He is a 23 year old man from Bronx.  He is the father of the 3 months old baby which was found in a trash strewn wooded area.

His partner is Ivana Paolozzi, who is the mother of the 3-month old baby.

Damion Comager has turned himself in after trying to hide for a time ago.

His father who brought the father of one to the police said his son  “panicked when he discovered his daughter “stiff” and “cold” in her bed”.

Donald Comager said he consulted with a priest and they agreed to “do the right thing”.

Comager was  charged with “murder and concealment of a corpse Monday night at the NYPD’s 44th Precinct”.

The couple allegedly  told their father that: “They put the baby in a book bag and took her to the wooded area.”

The father is repported to have slapped the child when she was crying and they did not send the child to the hospital because she had marks on her body.

Who is Damion Comager daughter?

The name o the  little  child is Genevieve Rozzlyn Comager.

She was only three months old. The 21 year old said his daughter was crying and finally stopped. They laid her on her bed and later picked her being stiff and cold.

He is quoted to have told his father that:“He told me the baby was doing a lot of crying. She wouldn’t stop crying,” adding that: “He said he just shook her and lay her down, and he lay down and went to sleep.

“He got up and reached for her and she was stiff and her body was cold. He panicked. He told his girlfriend, ‘I think she is dead.’”

The young girl’s body  was discovered around 8:25 p.m. Sunday at West 161st Street and the Major DeeganExpressway.

This place is not far from the transitional housing shelter .

she lived at with her dad and 20-year-old mother.


Three-month-old Genevieve Comager.


Police investigating the scene of where the baby was found dead in the Bronx.
Damion's father Donald Comager told The Post that he had to "do the right thing" and turn his son into the police after the confession.
Wooded area in the Bronx where Genevieve Comager was found.

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