Who is David Neal?The Tennessee hotel manager who went into a guest room and was sucking his toes.

David Neal

David Neal will be discussed in this post. We will look at why David Neal acted weirdly in this circumstance.

Who is David Neal?

David Neal mugshot
David Neal, the manager in question

He is a hotel manager in Tennessee.

David Neal is a 52 year old man. The hotel where Neal worked as a night shift manager  is the 4th Avenue South Hilton Hotel in Nashville.

It was the 30th of March that David  Neal as part of his night duty  went into a male guest’s room.

He went into the room at 5.00am  and started sucking the guest toes.

The guest who got up to discover his toes in the mangers mouth confronted him.

He was later arrested. He is currently jailed and is on a $27,000 bond according to a WKRN sources.

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Neal was arrested at a home in Lebanon on Friday.

His charges included “aggravated burglary and assault”. The 52 year old may likely not be returning to his post after this embarrassment he caused to his outfit.

What  reasons did David Neal give for entering the guest room?

The 52 year old hotel manager actually admitted to entering the guest room, but denied the sucking claim.

He said he entered the room after smelling smoke. He added that he entered the guest’s room to determine if he was okay.

Neal allegedly made a key card to enable him have access to the guest’s room.

The Unnamed guest recognized Neal as an employee after he came to his room a day earlier to fix the guest television.

David Neal work place: 4th Avenue South Hilton Hotel
4th Avenue South Hilton Hotel


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