Who is Joseph Killins? The creep who kidnapped and raped a DoorDash driver and opened fire on her family who came to rescue her

Joseph Killins will be discussed in this post. We will look at how he kidnapped a DoorDash driver and even opened  fire  on her family for coming to rescue her.

Who is Joseph Killins?

He is a 38 year old man in Tampa.

He was arrested on Saturday for kidnapping a DoorDash driver on 18th April,2023.

The 38 year old did not take kindly to her family coming around to rescue her after  tracing her through her mobile phone location.

Joseph Killins  forced her to drive to an apartment at Belara Lakes apartment. It was here that Killins raped his victim.

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The family who sensed danger traced their relative to her location. He fired severally at them hitting one of them in the process.

He fled thereafter and cops have been on his heels.

The suspect had the audacity to return to the same apartment where he raped the DoorDash driver.

He is alleged to have pushed a woman down, punched her before taking her backpack.

The suspects was last seen “running away toward the Haven Waters Edge Apartment complex”.

Who is Joseph Killins?

She is a woman in her twenties. It is still not clear how the victims family got to know that their relative was in trouble.

Police report said: “The victim’s family, who had been tracking her phone, arrived and rescued her from the car. Killins responded by firing multiple times.”

The shots fired by the suspect is said to have hit the victim’s girlfriend.

Joseph Killins arrest

He was arrested at the Tampa Inn hotel on Friday night  were he was tracked to.

Police said: “We are appalled by this heinous and abhorrent crime.No one should ever have to endure something as horrific as this and we’re here to support the Dasher in any way we can, said DoorDash spokesperson Julian Crowley.

“We’re grateful to Tampa Police for their work to hold the perpetrator accountable and we strongly hope justice is served.”

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