Who is Levi Davis Mum and did she know that her son had die? Read what she said at Good Morning Britain studio today.

Levi Davis mum

Levi Davis mum will be discussed. We will look at her fears over her son who has now been confirmed to be dead.

We will also look at the career of Levi Davis who moved from being a Rugby player to a singer.

Levi Davis mum

Who was Levi Davis?

He was born on 12th March,1998 as Levi Simeon Davis.

He was a British Rugby player and used to play as winger.

The late rugby player played with ” Worthing Raiders in the National League 2 South”. He is a former X-factor star who took part in the competition in 2019.

He placed 5th  in the competition along with his group members of Thom Evans and Ben Foden.

Was Levi Davis a bisexual?

Yes, he is the first ever Rugby player to openly confessed his bisexual status.

He declared his bisexual status in September of 2020. The bisexual Rugby star came out with a maiden album in September,2022.

The name of the single that he came out with was called “with me” and it came under the name LEDA.

He went missing in November,2022 in Barcelona with his passport being found at the Barcelona Port in the same month.

Levi Davies discovered to have drowned where his passport was found?

Six months on after his disappearance, he has now been declared dead. His last appearance was said to be at a Pub in Barcelona on 29th October,2022.

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Julie is desperate for an update on her son's whereabouts

Who is Levi Davis mum?

The name of Levi Davis mum is Julie Davis. She appeared on Good  Morning Britain today to talk about her son’s disappearance and little did she know that her worst fears were  coming to her.

Susanna Reid held Julie's hand as she bravely spoke about her son's disappearance

She said  when her son goodby-ed  her for that Spain journey, she had that instincts that she may be seeing her son for the last. She said she had to hug her son and that was the last time she saw him.

She told host Susana Reid that: “There’s always that mother’s instinct. Just before he left, there was a message, I don’t know, powers from above, that said to me, ‘Give him a hug because you just don’t know if this is going to be your last’…”


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