Who is Norbert Atodio? The wealthy Navrongo man who buried his father in a car.

Norbert Atodio will be discussed in this article. We will tell you more about the man who thinks that burying his father in  a car is the only best way of honoring him. We will also tell you about the criticism he has received so far and why he has gone into hiding after that show of wealth.

Who is Norbert Atodio?

Norbert who called himself  king Norbert Atodio believes that: “Gods time is the best ..What God is written no man erases”.

His Facebook page says he works at “Talent Scientific Herbal center Ghana“. He started this hospital where he works as a doctor in July, 2020.

Aside being a herbalist, Norbert is said to be the owner of some businesses  and this includes Pure FM in Navrongo

Norbert Atodio
Norbert Atodio Image credit:Facebook

Norbert Atodio is someone who is highly educated. His place of residence has been named as Navrongo.

The JHS leaver Facebook page says, he attended Oxford University.

Not much is known of his family as his relationship life has been described as complicated.

Norbert Atodio
Image credit:mynewsgh

Norbert rose to fame for burying his father in a car in his native town of Doba.

Why has Norbert Atodio gone into hiding after burying his late father in a car?

King Norbert Atodio who is a Doctor at Talent Herbal center has gone into hiding.

His troubles started when he was warned by the District Assembly to not bury his father in a car as he had intended. The man known as King paid little or no heed to that and went ahead to carry out his intended plan.

He has since gone into hibernation after what seem like a courageous venture.

The Environmental Protection Agency is said to be strongly against such move and the assembly was fighting this course against the businessman who is said to be wealthy.

Criticism against  Norbert Atodio desire to bury his father in a car.

Norbert Atodio
The businessman has received a Barret of criticism following his decision to bury his father in a car at a place best known for its high level of poverty.
One of Norbert Atodio’s critics is the Upper East’s strong woman and failed parliamentary candidate for the Navrongo constituency, Tangoba Abayage.
The former Upper East regional Minister minced no words in handling out ugly words for her kinsman.
She described the doctor as someone who is “morally bankrupt”.
Her reason for  attacking  Atodio’s decision to bury his father in a car coffin is that he has done little in contributing to the development of the area.





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