Who is Shane Loughlin? The Cardiff killer crash survivor who survived the accident that killed 3 of his friends

Shane Loughlin

Shane Loughlin will be discussed in this post. We will look at how he managed to survived in a crash that killed three of his friends.

Who is Shane Loughlin?

Shane Loughlin

He is a 32 year old man from Cardiff.

He survived a killer accident that killed three of his friends.He  survived with serious injuries.

The 32 year old was pulled alive from their mangled VW Tiguan  car.

He survived along one other friend of his by name Sophie Russon.

Three of his friends were killed in that crash.

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They went missing after they failed to return home from a night out in Newport, Wales.

A search party was organized for them as their families became alarmed over their disappearance.

The search revealed that their car had run off the road into tree.

Their car was located nearly 46 hours later. He along with Sophie dead among their dead friends for more than 2 days.

Who are Shane Loughlin friends that perished in the accident?

Three of Shane Loughlin friends did not survived the crash. The 5 friends car was found on the A48 near Cardiff.

The three friends that died in that accident are Eve Smith, Darcy Ross and Rafel Jeanne.

Shane Loughlin
Eve Smith
Shane Loughlin
Rafel Jeane-Actie
Darcy Ross is another victim of the smash
Darcy Ross

Eve  Smith is 21 year old while Darcy Ros and Rafel Jeanne are 21 and 24 respectively.

They were all killed in the 4th March accident.

Shane and  his fellow survivor Sophie were  both taken to the University Hospital of Wales.


Shane Loughlin has been pictured for the first time since surviving the killer crash in Wales

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