Who was Anna Mooney? The lady who was stabbed to death in Raheny

Anna Mooney

Anna Mooney will be discussed in this post. We will look at her life and the nature of her death.

Who was Anna Mooney?

She was a woman in her 40s.  Anna was a Ukraine who had been living in Ireland for a number of years.

She was married in Ireland, where she had been living ever since he left her native Ukraine even before the war.

She is a mother of two children who are believed to be under 10 years.

Anna suffered number of stab wounds to her chest, and died at the scene.

She left behind a boy and a girl and the pair were at home when she was unfortunately murdered.

The children of Anna Mooney were lucky to have survived and were not injured in anyway.

A neighbor to the late Anna Mooney  said she had taken a leave recently and went back to Ukraine to visit her mother.

A friend who was closed to her came to the scene and were seen being comforted by neighbours according to the Irishmirror report.

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A source told the Mirror that : “This was an absolutely savage attack and the victim suffered a horrendous death.

“It’s a very distressing case. Not only is the nature of the attack shocking but there were two children in the house at the time. Gardai arrested the suspect at the scene.

“The investigation is in full flow and everything is being followed up on but gardai are not looking for anyone else at this stage.”

Who is the suspect who was arrested following Anna Mooney death?

A man in his 50s has been arrested and is in custody. The pair were in a row which escalated leading to the unfortunate attack and stabbing.

The man/suspect was the one who ranged emergency service providers about the stabbing.

The suspect was arrested at a property on the Kilbarrack Road.

The man in his 50s  is being held “under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act, 1984 and can be questioned for 24 hours before investigators must charge or release him”.

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