Who was Barnaby Webber? One of the victims of the Nottingham rampage.

Barnaby Webber

We will look at Barnaby Webber who met his untimely death through the Nottingham rampage. We will determine how he met his untimely death due to how he found himself at the wrong plaace.

Who was Barnaby Webber?

He was a 19 year old man.  He was a Nottingham University  student.

He has been described as a Cricket ace  and first year student who was in the University’s cricket team.

He was knifed to death by that 31 year old suspect.

Barnaby Webber was said to have been walking  with a fellow female student when he was brutally attacked.

Barnaby Webber grandfather in the person of Phil Robson  confirmed the news of the death of his grandson.

Phil Robson reportedly said: “It’s tragic. We can’t say anything at the moment. Everyone knows the family locally.”

He added: “We’re just trying to protect the family.

“The family liaison officers are coming down from Nottingham and we’re expecting them any minute.”

“We are still unsure what has gone on at the moment.

“Barnaby’s parents are in bits. They are with officers from Nottinghamshire Police as we speak and we’ve been told not to make any comment until we know more.

“Perhaps in a day or two we can say more but at the moment we are not allowed.”

Barnaby Webber
Reports say the incident happened 4 am in the morning after a night out.
There are reports of blood-curdling during the attack on the innocent students.
Barnaby Webber
Images credit:Thesun

Who are the other two suspects in the Nottingham rampage that took the life of Barnaby Webber?

The 31 year old suspect is said to have forcefully taken  a van from its driver after killing him.

The driver of the van was said to be a man in 50s and he too was also stabbed to death.

The suspect was said to have been arrested about 5.30am today, after being Tasered by cops who dragged him from the vehicle.

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