Who was Caitlyn Scott-Lee? The school girl who was found dead at Wycombe Abbey School

Caitlyn Scott-Lee

Caitlyn Scott-Lee will be discussed in this post. We will tell you about her death.

Who was Caitlyn Scott-Lee?

Caitlyn Scott-Lee was found dead on Friday

She was a 16 year old girl who was living with autism.

She was a student of Wycombe Abbey School. She is the daughter of Jonathan Caitlyn Scott-Lee, her father and Tara, her mother.

Her father is “senior executive at HSBC in markets and acquisitions” while Caithlyn mum is also a chartered accountant

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The 16 year old girl once attended the Hong Kong branch  boarding school whose fees was  £44,000-a-year.

Caitlyn Scott -Lee was preparing for her GCSE exams.

How did Caitlyn Scott-Lee die?

She was found dead in a wooded area which is closed to her boarding school.

The 16yr old who has been described as best loved was found dead not far from the  Wycombe Abbey School which is in Buckinghamshire.

Police say, they don’t treat her death as a suspicious one.  A police statement said:

“Thames Valley Police was called to the Wycombe Abbey School at around 11.40pm on Friday after a 16-year-old girl was sadly found to have died.

Her family has been paying tribute to her. They said:

“Caitlyn, has always had an affinity for the UK, and she had it in her own mind to really want to go to boarding school.

“We did extensive research from abroad and looked at the top boarding schools in the UK and Wycombe Abbey in the UK was a great fit for Caitlyn.





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