Who was Calvin Miller? The Idaho dad who died along with his 3 kids after his teen daughter fell asleep on the wheel.

Calvin Miller

Calvin Miller will be discussed in this post. We will look at his life and the life of the family of four who lost their lives in that tragic accident.

Who was Calvin Miller?

He was a 36 year old man from Idaho. Calvin Miller  was a father of three.

His ex-wife said:“Calvin was a truly exceptional human being, and we’re lucky to have had the time with him that we did.”

“His kind heart and sensitive soul, not to mention his amazing sense of humor, brought a richness to our lives that can’t be replaced.”

His three children were Dakota Miller, Jack Miller and Delilah Miller.

He had divorced from his wife Zella Blair, who is now grieving over the lost of her three  children and an ex-husband.

Zella Blair is the mother of two of  Calvin Miller’s children:  Jack and Delilah

Calvin Miller was taking his three children for them to visit their grandfather.

It was his daughter, Dakota Miller who was behind the wheel at the time.

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Their grandfather of the three children was in hospice care and the family were going to visit him.

How did Calvin Miller died with his three children?

Dakota Miller 17, who behind the driving wheel at the time fell a sleep. She is said to have fallen asleep due to fatigue.

The family traveled “274-mile trip from their home in Spokane, Washington, to Council, Idaho”.

Reports say: “Dakota drove off the highway, striking a large pile of rocks, sending the vehicle airborne,”

“The vehicle struck another large pile of rocks, flipping the vehicle over end and landing upside down in the Salmon River.”

Calvin Miller


The vehicle carrying the family of four was discovered “partially submerged by a local fisherman”.

Police say they believed the family drowned in the process.

Blair was co-parenting the children with her ex-husband and reportedly told KREM2 that:

“I don’t know if I can get used to them not coming through the door after school and yelling for me again.” “They were huge. They were my whole life.”

Jack was 10 while Delilah was 8.

Calvin Miller
Images credit: Nypost

Jack and Delilah said she had dropped the children at their father’s place, but little did she know that they were going to their grandfather’s place.

Calvin Miller ex-wife Zella Blair
Zella Blair: mother of Jack and Delilah Image credit:Nypost


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