Who was Connor Sturgeon? The Louisville Bank shooter

Connor Sturgeon

Connor Sturgeon will be discussed in this post. We will look at his life, education and his motive for this attack.

Who was Connor Sturgeon?

He was a 23 year old man. He is believed to be an employee or former employee  of the bank.

He is a well educated man. He had a master’s degree in Finance. Connor  Sturgeon had a Master of Science Degree in Finance with the Alabama University. This is  a degree he obtained in 2020.

It is strange that Sturgeon was streaming his attack live on Instagram. A CNN report said he left a note for his parents in which he said the bank officials had told him that they were going to fire him from his job.

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He then took the decision to fire them with gun before they could fire him from his job.

Who are Connor Sturgeon parents?

His father is said to be a former coach for the Indianapolis University. He was a coach for their boys basketball team.

Connor Sturgeon’s dad led the University’s boys basketball team from 1992 to 2007.

His dad led the team to five NCAA tournament appearance.

Sturgeon’s father was a US history teacher at  “Floyd Central High School in Indiana”.

We don’t have information about his mother.



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