Who was Conor Cronin?The Dubliner who died suddenly after a charity run

Conor Cronin

The death of Conor Cronin has shocked many. This follows the sudden manner in which he died after that charity run. We will tell you who he was and his cause of death/

Who was Conor Cronin?

He was a 26 year old man from Dublin. He  was working at Edgescan.

He allegedly took part in a charity run that was meant to raise funds.It was this run for charity that made Conor Cronin to lose his life.

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He was the leader of the team from his workplace that came to run for charity on that particular day.

Conor Cronin was a cybersecurity analyst and was from Walnut Avenue in Drumcodra.

How did Conor Cronin death happened?

He was said to have fallen in the course of the run for  charity according to  an inquest hearing.

This fall resulted in a brain injury. He died 48 hours latter after that unfortunate fall.

He was died at the Beaumont hospital on 6th November,2020.

His body parts were donated and were used to help five other patients.

This, according to his family was what he wanted done to him.

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