Who was David McAteer?The man who died in the Meath farm tragedy

David McAteer

David McAteer will be discussed in this post. We will tell you how the young farmer died tragically in that accident.

Who was David McAteer?

He was a father of three. He was a 37 years old man from Meath.

David McAteer died tragically on a farm in Meath.

He was married to his wife,Zoe.

Who are the David McAteer 3 children?

David McAteer
Image credit: IrishMirror

He was the father of Dáithí, Alannah and Tadhg. His death has left the responsibility of caring for the three children to the care of his wife Zoe.

David McAteer wife is pouring her grief and telling the world about who he was.

She said  “everybody just loved him”.

“He was an actual living angel. I know everyone is going to say that about someone when they die but he was a peacekeeper,” she said.

“He never lost his temper. He always had a cool head and he was everybody’s confidant so David’s phone never stopped ringing from morning to night. He wanted to bring everybody together, he didn’t want anybody not talking. He sorted out everything.

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“He was everybody’s counsellor. If there was something going wrong or if somebody had a bad day or somebody had something happen in their own lives, they were on the phone to David and he fixed it for them somehow. That’s the kind of person he was. Everybody just loved him.”

David McAteer


Who was David McAteer wife?

He and his wife were friends in their teens. Their friendship finally blossom culminating in the pair getting married.

The pair got married in 2014.

They have been married for 18 years now. The pair starting dating after Zoe completed Leaving certificate.

Zoe said:”We are together since I was 16, he is two years older than me,” Zoe said. “My friend in school was going to the Debs with his friend and he was looking for someone to go with.

“We were friends the first year and then after my Leaving Cert we got together that summer and we started officially going out. He came to my Debs then and we have been together ever since.”

“It’s been a whirlwind. We built a house together, we worked so hard together, sometimes we just sat back and said ‘how did we do it?’,” Zoe said.

“We were such a great team. We were so lucky.”

David McAteer
David and his Zoe on their wedding day in 2014


She further added that: “David was an amazing Daddy to them. He idolised them. You just wouldn’t get a look in when he was around. I could be sitting at the table or we could be out for dinner or in the park and the three of them would be on his knee and I’d have none. As soon as he was gone, you’d have them then but Daddy was number one.

“They had amazing time for their Daddy and he had amazing time for them. The years they had together was just class.”

“We are expecting. I am 23 weeks now and due in October. We were looking forward to that,” she said. “We had the other three very close together but we always wanted [another] but we were just enjoying the other three so much.

“We were blessed already with the three of them, they are absolutely class kids, you couldn’t ask for better little kids. They’re super cool.”

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