Who was Grace Kumar? One of the Nottingham victim who was knifed to death.

Grace Kumar

Grace Kumar will be discussed in this post. We will tell you more about her and how she lost her life in that unfortunate early morning rampage in Nottingham.

Who was Grace Kumar?

Grace Kumar

She was a 19 year old student of Nottingham University.

Grace Kumar has been reported to be “an up and coming England hockey star”.

Ms Kumar was also a member of the London’s Southgate Hockey Club. She is said to have risen through the ranks in the club.

Grace Kumar was a stabbed along with Barnaby Webber after a night out. Their bodies were seen on the streets.

She met her untimely death as police rather raced to Milton Street where the stolen van was used to run over three people.

Who are the other two victims who lost their lives along with Grace Kumar in the Nottingham rampage?

Grace was killed along with two others. One of the other two victims are a man who is said to be in his 50s.

The other victim who lost his life is Barnaby Webber. Webber was also a student of Nottingham University.

He was also a hockey player who was said to be good in the field of play.

Grace Kumar


Tributes pour in for Grace Kumar and Barnaby Webber.

The Bishops Hull, Barnaby Webber’s cricket club  wrote in a statement: “Today we learnt of the death of our dear friend and team mate, Barnaby Webber.

“Barney was attacked at the early hours of this morning walking home with a friend after a night out and had lost his life.

“‘Webbs’ joined the club back in 2021 and has since then been a key part of our club and made such an impact in such a short space of time.

“Playing more than 30 games for the club, scoring 622 runs, and taking 29 wickets, his memory will live on.

“As a club we would like to invite family, friends, club members and members of the village and public who wish to pay their respects and lay some flowers at the club.”

Grace Kumar death has also left friends with a state of grieving.

Others have spoken about their death. One of them is Murray who said: “It was obviously shocking when I woke up this morning and when I was going down to breakfast a few messages on our team chat came up.

“We are staying in the city centre and had been out for dinner last night and walking around those areas.

“You never expect something like that to happen, it was really shocking.

“I didn’t know if it was going to affect anything here or not because the streets were closed this morning.

“Really shocking and obviously heart-breaking for the victims and the people involved so hopefully everyone is safe now.

“We were talking about it this morning, saying that we didn’t know if the tournament was going to be suspended for the day because there are way more important things than a tennis event.

“We didn’t know what was going on because it happened in the middle of the night.

“It is a bit unsettling, but it seems like everything is under control now – but it was shocking news to wake up to.”


Grace Kumar

Grieving students have gathered for a vigil in honor of Grace Kumar and her other fallen colleague Barnaby Webber.

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