Who was Ian McMorrow?The major drug dealer who was killed in the horror Sligo motorbike crash

Ian McMorrow

Ian McMorrow, the drug dealer who died in the Cork crash will be discussed in this post.

Who was Ian McMorrow?

There are details about Ian McMorrow, the drug dealer who died in the Cork crash.

He was a family man and a father of three for that matter.

He was traveling on a motorbike in what has been said to be in a convoy.

The major drug dealer is said to have been in the books of the Criminal Assets Bureau.

Ian McMorrow is said to be in the drug supply and sales business when he was in his 20s.

He allegedly engaged in the sale of  cannabis and cocaine.

He had had brushes with the law severally and had spells behind bars.

How did Ian McMorrow die?

He died after crashing his motorbike with car and this occurred on  the N16 at Glencar, Sligo on Thursday night.

He died on the spot while his friend who was riding with him survived with injuries.

He was reportedly taken to hospital.

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McMorrow who was speeding at the time tried going round the car, but failed.

He crashed his motorbike on the car, hitting his pal who was riding with him at the time.

The driver of the car was trying to edge out and turn onto the road when the fatal collision happened.

Ian McMorrow is expected to be buried on Monday.

He had over 50 conviction in relation to his drug trade. The huge drug dealer works with gangs and is rumored to have worked with Patrick Irwin, a violent gang boss.

Ian McMorrow funeral.

His funeral programmes begins today, through to Sunday.

His funeral mass will take place at St Anne’s Church, Sligo on Monday. McMorrow remains will then be buried at Sligo cemetery.

Gardai are appealing for witnesses of the accident to come forward.

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