Who was John Hackett? The man who was found dead at a property in Nuneaton after a teen attack at Nuneaton park

John Hackett

John Hackett will be discuss. We will look at his death after he was attacked by teenagers at the Nuneaton park.

Who was John Hackett?

He was a 36 year old man. He was staying with his mum.

It was John Hackett who was taking care of his mum.

The 36 year old Hackett was attacked by three teenagers at the Nuneaton park.

He managed to get home after the attack, but died after. He was found dead by his mother whom he was looking after.

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Hackett was said to be walking his dog before the sad attack happened. The teenagers allegedly filmed themselves attacking him.

He finally made it home, but yielded himself to injuries sustained in the attack.

A neighbor  reportedly told The Sun Online: “He helped care for his mum, she’ll be devastated without him and don’t know how she’ll manage.

“I want to know she’s OK but she’s not been at home and police at the cordon won’t tell me anything.

Who are John Hackett attackers?

They are three teens who have since been charged on the charge of murder.

He was attacked by a school girl and two boys who have since been arrested.

The three are all  15-year-olds, and still in custody. Police believe his death has a link with the “altercation” at the “Snowhill Recreation Ground the night before”.

Warwickshire Police said: “We would ask anyone with information to get in touch with us as soon as possible.

“Though we believe this to be an isolated incident, with no threat to the wider public, residents can expect to see a heightened police presence in the area for their reassurance.

“We are aware there is footage circulating of the altercation on social media and we would ask people not to share it while we continue our ongoing investigation to work out the circumstances behind this man’s death.

“Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the man at this sad time.”

John Hackett has been named locally as the man who was killed, seeing three teens arrested on suspicion of murder

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