Who was Kirsty Ward?The Irish woman who was found dead in Salou hotel

Kirsty Ward

Kirsty Ward will be discussed in this post.We will also tell you about suspect who took the life of this woman.

Who was Kirsty Ward?

She was a 36 year old woman. She was strangled to death in a hotel Spain.

Kirsty Ward  was found dead in a holiday hotel in Salou which is a holiday hotspot.

She was found by a worker of the hotel trying to escape from the suspect.

This suspect was her partner. The pair were said to have had a strong argument and even spent hours together in anger.

Who is the suspect who killed Kirsty Ward?

The suspect who is a partner to her is a 30 year old man. He is also an Irish tourist.

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The suspect has not yet been named. It is not clear if the pair traveled there together or met at the Spanish hotspot.

The suspect was arrested with “self-inflicted” wounds which is around the wrist. It is not clear if he trying to commit suicide.

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