Who was Marelle Sturrock?The pregnant teacher who was found dead in her fiance room after no-school show.

Marelle Sturrock

Marelle Sturrock will be discussed in this post. We will tell you about how she was found dead in her fiance’s room. We will also tell you about her supposed fiance who  is on the run at the moment.

Who was Marelle Sturrock?

Marelle Sturrock

She is a 35 year old female teacher. She was also pregnant too.

Marellel was a teacher at Sandwood Primary School, where she was said to be popular.

She studied Musical theatre at Glasgow. This was when she left Highlands at 17.

The 35yr old teacher was found dead in her fiance’s room.

Her body was found after her Colleagues raised an alarm after she did report to school.

Now her death is being treated as a suspicion as “they continued to comb Mugdock Country Park in the search for her partner”.

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Her death was announced to her school by her Headteacher  by name Fiona Donnelly. She  wrote: “It is with deep sorrow that I must inform you about the sudden death of Ms Sturrock who is a beloved member of our teaching staff.

“I know that this will come as a shock to our school community, and we will do all that we can to support children, staff and families through what will be a difficult and challenging time.

“I hope that you will understand that there are no other details that I can share at this time but wanted to let our families know the tragic news from the school.”

Who is Marelle Sturrock fiance who is now at large?

Her fiance is David Yates who is  36 years old. Marelle was a sharing an apartment with him.

Yates is currently being treated as a missing person. Officers had  “sealed off parts of Mugdock Country Park in Milngavie, around nine miles away, as they hunted Marelle’s partner”.

Many are paying tribute to Marelle and this include parents of her students.

Marelle Sturrock and partner

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