Who was Margaret Lyons?The Woman who was killed by lorry in Cork

Margaret Lyons

Margaret Lyons will be discussed in this post. We will tell you how she met her untimely death after a vehicle hit her in Cork

Who was Margaret Lyons?

She was a 72 year old woman from Cork. She was a mother of four.

Margaret Lyons was survived by her husband. The late 72 year old was also survived by her four children.

She shared three daughters and a son with her husband.

Miss Lyons kids live outside Ireland.

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The 72 year old woman said to have been popular. She was popular on the “green at Charleville Golf Club”.

Lyons used to work at  St Joseph’s Special School. She had worked at the bus service.

She does this by helping  pupils to move from their homes to their classes and back. She did this daily.

How did Margaret Lyons died?

She died tragically when she was struck by a vehicle. This happened in North Cork.

Lyons was struck by the lorry on “Main St of Charleville”.

She was pronounced dead at the scene, though emergency providers did their best to re-sustained her life.

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