Who was Nuria Sajjad?The 2nd girl who died after Land Rover smashed into their school.

Nuria Sajjad

Nuria Sajjad is will be discussed in this post. We will tell you how she succumb to her injuries today.

Who was Nuria Sajjad?

She was an eight year old girl of the school. She sustained injuries when the car crashed into their school.

Nuria Sajjad sadly passed away today, 9th July,2023.

Her family has described the 8 year old as  “light of their lives”.

The family issued a statement  in which they said:

“It is with profound sorrow that we announce the passing of our beloved Nuria on Sunday, 9 July 2023.

“Nuria was the light of our lives. She embodied joy, kindness and generosity and she was loved by all around her.

“We would like to thank the efforts of the emergency services, all the extraordinary staff at St George’s Hospital, the parents of Nuria’s class fellows and staff of the Study Prep for all they have done to ease Nuria’s journey.

“We request that our privacy is respected at this difficult time.”

Nuria Sajjad is a second pupil of the school to have died from that unfortunate tragedy.

She sustained injuries in that tragedy which were said to be critical.

Who was the first child that died in that horrific incident?

Nuria Sajjad

The incident which occurred at the Wimbledon, south west London killed another school girl.

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Selena Lau was the first girl who died when the car crashed into the school.

Selena Lau was also an eight year old girl.


Nuria Sajjad
A woman has been bailed after the horror crash


Selena’s Lau family paid tribute to her. They said: “Selena was an intelligent and cheeky girl adored and loved by everyone.

“The family wishes their privacy to be respected at this sad time.”

Who is the suspect whose car killed Nuria Sajjad and Selena Lau?

The suspect has not been named yet. She is said to be a 46 year old woman.

She was said to be returning from a Wimbledon tennis court when she allegedly  crashed her car. She is said to have suffered a medical episode which might have resulted in that horrific crash.


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