Who were Francis Collins and Cassie?The Devon couple who were found dead with their dogs in suicide pact after police probe over firebomb neighbour row

Francis Collins and Cassie

We will look at Francis Collins and Cassie, the Devon couple who were found dead along with their dogs in a suicide pact.

We will tell you what might occasioned this tragic incident that did not claim the lives of humans only, but animals too.

Who were Francis Collins and Cassie?

The pair are married couple in Cullompton, Devon.

Francis Collins was a 36 year old  while Cassie was 35.

They were discovered dead by family members at their home.

Francis Collins and Cassie
Francis Collins and Cassie

The couple died together after first putting their two out of their five dogs to sleep.

Three dogs died with the couple. The body of Cassie was reportedly found in their bedroom while that of Francis Collins was also  found in their hallway.

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Cassie was a student nurse at the time while Francis Collins used to serve in the military.
The pair had been together for an amazing 11 years and were “really good together and joined at the hip”.

What drove Francis Collins and Cassie to kill themselves?

The issue started with problems they had with their neighbours.

Francis Collins was said to have been jailed over a row he had with their neighbours. He reportedly threw a homemade firebombs onto their neighbours drive.

The disagreement which caused by “the ownership of a piece of land when the Collins’ lived in Wales”.

Francis Collins suffered from “ADHD and had a long history of depression and anxiety“.

“They were devoted and soulmates and he said if anything happened to Cassie he would kill himself as she was everything to him.”

At a inquest held on June 5,2023, Cassie sister is said  the couple even spoke of suicide.

She said: “Cassie had said a couple of years ago that if they were going to kill themselves they would kill the dogs as well as they wouldn’t want anyone else looking after them.

“I think this was the tipping point.”

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